Introductions: ‘From B-lo to Cali’ or ‘How I fell into this industry’


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The Little Black Egg is a screen printing shop I started with my wife and partner after many years of working for other shops. Following is a bit about my history and experience in this industry and the roundabout way I came to be a shop owner.

PART 1 (Buffalo Origins)

My introduction to the world of screen printing happened when I was a young punk growing up in Buffalo NY and one of the only places that hired us young punks was The New Buffalo Shirt Factory which was on Main St. in Buffalo at the time. 75% of the staff there were musicians! Here’s an older Printwear Magazine Article on NBSF.

My introductory tasks were probably the same as anyone getting a foot in the door at a print shop, folding shirts! NBSF at the time boasted 6 Challenger autos and 3 three long dryers (Eliminators if my…

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