A Gregorian Calendar Change Thank You Note

Thank you to everyone I danced with and danced for, and to everyone I played music with and played music for. Thank you to my students–those who took my classes or workshops–I learn from you all every time we meet and am honored whenever you walk through the door. Thank you to my teachers–all those whose classes I took–you keep me hungry. Thank you to my family and friends. Thank you to my colleagues for collaboration, occasional commiseration, and for reminding me that we are living the dream. Thank you to those who I sponsored here in San Francisco in workshops and performances. And thank you, so much, to the artists, activists, thinkers, writers, wild ones, and risk takers that have inspired me all year, and will no doubt keep doing so into the next.

May 2015 bring us joy and justice where it is most needed.

May we remember to stay human. And may all our bills be paid.

(Also posted on facebook.)


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Monica Bee

I like crossword puzzles.

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